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Lynda Carpenter, 

Is a Board-Certified Drugless Practitioner, Lynda has lots of tools to use besides conventional pharmaceuticals to support your optimum health and wellness.

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Unwrap the Ribbons

It’s time to unwrap the pink ribbons. We don’t need more cancer awareness, we need to know what to do when we get a diagnosis. What to do when we hear our name and cancer in the same sentence.


When one addresses the topic of nutrition it can be daunting. At this point, we have been so poorly educated that we don’t know the difference between a fruit and a vegetable. That’s right, we think that produce that is sweet is a fruit and if it is savory, it is a vegetable and those characteristics have absolutely nothing to do with whether it is a fruit or a vegetable.  LEARN MORE 

Essential Oils

Let’s start with what essential oil is. Essential oil is derived from what was originally “Quintessential oils.” Meaning “Life Force” the plant’s “essence.” Not all plants produce essential oils. The essential oils have many different functions for the plant and those functions are beneficial for us also. LEARN MORE 

Blood Chemistry Analysis

Has your doctor said that your labs are fine but you don’t feel fine?

As Americans become sicker and sicker the “normal” range expands. Most people who seek care do not have a clinically identifiable disease. LEARN MORE 

Optimum Health Coaching

Optimum health encompasses every aspect of life, nutrition, fitness, stress management, sleep, reducing toxic load just to name a few. Optimum health coaching addresses these areas customized to your specific needs and desires. LEARN MORE 

Microcurrent Therapy

Do you know what all Healy can be useful for?

Click Here to learn about the 20+ conditions microcurrent therapy can address. LEARN MORE 

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